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Maa Ki Shakti Full Movie In Hindi

Maa Ki Shakti Full Movie In Hindi

Maa Ki Shakti is a 1996 Hindi drama film that revolves around the theme of divine power and faith. The film stars Babu Mohan, Rami Reddy and Soundarya in the lead roles. The film was directed by K S Gopala and produced by Y Anjibabu.

The film tells the story of a devout woman who worships Goddess Kali and believes that she is the source of all strength and protection. She faces many challenges and hardships in her life, but never loses her faith in the Goddess. She also inspires others to follow her example and seek the blessings of Kali. The film shows how the Goddess intervenes in the lives of her devotees and helps them overcome their problems.

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The film was well received by the audience and critics alike. It was praised for its message of devotion and spirituality, as well as its performances and music. The film was also a commercial success and ran for more than 100 days in theatres. The film was later dubbed into Telugu as Maha Shakti Maa.

Cast and Crew



Babu Mohan


Rami Reddy





K S Gopala


Y Anjibabu

Music Director

Vandemataram Srinivas

Plot Summary



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