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Tiny Stars

Learning Center

Play. Learn. Grow. 



Tummy Time, exploration through play and language skills begin developing at this stage.


Building on what was introduced in Infant Room, more hands on art, science, music and movement come alive through exploratory play with the guidance of Creative Curriculum.


Children explore gardening, dance, music, science as well as math. Children are a bit more independent and begin forming meaningful relationships with peers.


Through science and nature exploration, little ones begin connecting how things grow, work, and are used.  Music and motion continue as well as math through meaningful play.


Activities center on the whole child as well as skills that have been built.  Children are able to begin printing, coloring in lines, conduct science experiments understanding cause and reaction and more.


Through the curriculum, students are able to work on harder science and math skills and be able to communicate through classroom opportunities for speaking, academics and leadership activities.

Transitional Kindergarten

This class is for the students who miss the cut off for Kindergarten or for the children that might need one more year of Pre-K  on a more challenging level. 


We offer a room specifically for your children's remote needs. Teachers will work with your child to stay on track with their school curriculum. 

Reading with Magnifying Glass

Our Approach

In keeping with the highest standards of accreditation for preschools, we work closely with Grow NJ Kids to provide excellence in care to your child which sets us at a higher standard than most.  Through the Creative Curriculum, we view every moment with your child as a teaching moment.  Implementation of lessons are geared towards the ages and stages of the children in our care. 


Children enjoy exploring science and nature through indoor activities as well as outdoor gardening and adventures.  In the younger-aged classrooms where language is still developing, we introduce sign language as an additional way to communicate their needs.  In addition to English, Spanish is also introduced and taught throughout the center.  Math, music and motion, and language and literacy are an important part of our educational system at Tiny Stars. 

What Parents Think

Such a clean, friendly place with staff that truly cares about my child's well being. I cannot wait to enroll my soon to be newborn in this school. This school represents a slice of home and a whole lot of caring and education. A definite must for your  childcare/daycare needs .


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