Diverse Learning Environments

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6 weeks to 1 year - Staff help your little ones reach all those important first year milestones through Creative Curriculum geared towards Infants.  Tummy Time and exploration through play and language skills begin developing at this stage.  Music and Motion along with math are introduced through simple age appropriate songs, finger plays and teaching.

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12 Months - Language skills, as well as sign language, are introduced in this room.  Building on what was learned in the Infant Room, we incorporate more hands on art, science, music and movement. Our Waddlers come alive through exploratory play with the guidance of Creative Curriculum which is implemented throughout the daily routines of the classroom. Our waddlers also experience outdoor play which incorporates both science and nature.

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18 months - Hands on learning and exploration through Creative Curriculum and teacher guided projects are introduced to our Toddlers. Verbal skills are sharpened in English as well as sign language with early Spanish language introduction.  Our students explore gardening, dance, music, science and math and are a bit more independent when it comes to forming meaningful relationships with peers.

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2 1/2  years old - Students in this class often begin potty training.  Projects become more advanced as fine motor skills sharpen and through an interactive morning meeting, children are encouraged to participate in small group and large group activities.  Through science and nature exploration little ones begin connecting how things grow, work, and are used.  Music and motion continues as well as math through meaningful play.

Diverse Kindergarten