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Diverse Learning Environments

Kids in Daycare

Preschool I

3 years old -This class is for students who are newly or almost potty trained and can handle more of a challenge academically. Through the Creative Curriculum, students are able to complete projects and activities through everyday teachable moments.  Fine and gross motor skills continue to grow during this stage.


Preschool II

3 years old - Students in this room are potty trained, verbal and able to express their needs to the teacher as well as their peers. Activities center on the whole child through skills  that have been built.  Children are able to begin printing, coloring in lines, conduct science experiments which help them understand cause and reaction. Music and motion are more in detail along with a deeper understanding of math and correlations.

Art Class
Young Painter


4 years old - In the Pre-K room, children have begun to put letters and sounds together to create words, are able to legibly write names, know numbers, identify and show correlations, correctly identify upper and lower case letters along with items beginning sound and ending sounds as well as following directions.  Through the creative curriculum, students are able to work on more challenging  science and math skills and are able to communicate through classroom responsibilities for speaking, academics and leadership opportunities.

Transitional Kindergarten

4 1/2 and Older -Taught on a Kindergarten level, students begin mastering skills in reading, writing, math, and science. Typically this class is for the students who miss the cut-off for Kindergarten or for students that might need one more year of Pre-K, but on a more challenging level. This class is taught on a Kindergarten Level but does not constitute Kindergarten.

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