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Jessica Jones
Jessica Jones

Fantastic Four English 2 Full Movie Download Mp4

Downloaded the apk today and successfully installed Piwigo2...At last, an Android app to match or even beat the iOS version. A job well done to the team, a fantastic start. Looks great. The connection was quick and looking through the albums and photos was quite snappy. (550 photos for now)Here are my observations on this version so far on a Galaxy A50, the latest Android.When creating a new album the create album dialogue box does not disappear, however, the new album does get created as I discovered when I kept pressing to confirm, I had about 15 new albums called "test". The dialog of course needs to disappear. You do get a message at the bottom confirming the creation of the album, however.Couldn't get the search function to work. Even typing in a known full file name didn't return anything.That's it for me. I will keep testing until I break something! Waiting for more functionality. Bring it on.Good jobDj

Fantastic Four English 2 Full Movie Download Mp4

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Hi,piwigo-ng so far works good regarding it is an early beta for Android. I'm on Android 12 . Just missing one feature: I cannot play my mp4 videos directly from the gallery. Is this not implemented at the moment? I use piwigo-videojs plugin and can play from the chrome browser just fine. The app shows the movie wheel icon and a play button but hitting it turns up a grey empty screen with nothing happening. I can use piwigo-ng to download the mp4 file as an alternative and play using the app MxPlayer.Thanks.


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