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By Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, Sophie has been forced to greatly mature and grow, due to the death of her mother. Sophie has matured in a very short space of time and has grown stronger in trying to deal with her mother's death and her pregnancy without her mother to guide her. Sophie has become very capable, dependent and honest, re-building the Bella Donna in her mother's name. By the climax of the film, Sophie has gone through a great journey, forming a strong like with her mother in her pregnancy and has learnt the importance of the bond between mother and daughter. Sophie is also a forgiving and generous person, forgiving her grandmother, Ruby Sheridan, despite her neglecting Donna and Sophie for 25-years. She is also a generous and forgiving mother to Donny.

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Marty Jannetty is no stranger to making tall claims on social media. This time however, the former WWE star seems to have outdone even himself. He has now declared that former Adult film actress Mia Khalifa wants to work in multiple movies with him.

In October 2014 she entered into the adult film industry and was ranked #1 adult star on a major adult website in December 2014. Technically her adult career was very brief. All the movies she made were filmed over a period of just three months. Today she still occasionally performs as a webcam model and operates a thriving calendar business. Khalifa's popularity in the industry drew criticism in the Middle East. Her adult acts were forbidden by the Islamic religion, but also because she wore a hijab in one of her videos. This video caused Mia to receive death threats. Her parents subsequently stopped talking to her. The controversy helped her become number five on the list of "The World's 10 Most Notorious Porn Stars" by the men's magazine "Loaded" in July 2016.

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Mia Li: My favorite shows are Community, Archer, and anything Joss Whedon is behind. My favorite movies would have to be The Avengers and the movies leading up to The Avengers. My current playlist includes Panic! At the Disco, My Chemical Romance, and Our Last Night.

Though opening with half as much money, the music-driven remake AStar is Born powered its way to a sensational debut in secondplace grossing an estimated $41.3M from 3,686 locations for a sturdy $11,191average. That beat out the $35M bow of the recent MammaMia sequel which also played to a mature female audience. Includingmid-week sneaks, the R-rated Star sitsat $42.6M. 041b061a72


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