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Enjoy Among Us with Impostor Mod Menu APK (v1.7) - Free Download and Installation Guide

Among Us Impostor Mod Menu: How to Download and Use It

Among Us is a popular multiplayer game where you have to work together with your crewmates to complete tasks and find the impostor who is trying to sabotage and kill everyone. But what if you want to have some fun and cheat your way to victory? That's where Among Us Impostor Mod Menu comes in. This is a mod menu for Among Us on Android that allows you to access various hacks and cheats that can make you the ultimate impostor or crewmate. In this article, we will tell you what is Among Us Impostor Mod Menu, how to download and install it, how to use it, and what are the pros and cons of using it.

among us-impostor-v1.7.apk

Download Zip:

What is Among Us Impostor Mod Menu?

Among Us Impostor Mod Menu is a mod menu for Among Us on Android that was created by Devilx86, a developer who posted it on GitHub and PolarMods. It is a modified version of the original game that adds a menu with various options that can help you cheat or enhance your gameplay. For example, you can fake being an impostor, show who the impostors are, teleport to any player, freeze or kill anyone, sabotage or repair anything, change your appearance, and much more. The mod menu supports both armeabi-v7a and arm64-v8a architectures, which means it can work on most Android devices. The latest version of the mod menu is v1.7, which supports Among Us versions 2020.11.9 up to and including 2022.6.21 and 2022.6.22.

Features of Among Us Impostor Mod Menu

The mod menu has a lot of features that can make you the ultimate impostor or crewmate. Here are some of the main categories of features:


This category contains features that affect yourself only. For example, you can:

  • Change your player speed

  • Maximize your light range

  • Fake being an impostor

  • Have no kill cooldown

  • Show who the impostors are

  • Have no emergency cooldown

  • Wallhack

  • Cycle through different player colors

Player Options

This category contains features that affect other players. For example, you can:

  • Teleport to any player or teleport them to you

  • Freeze or attach any player's position

  • Spoof messages on chat as any other player

  • Kick any player (except for the host)

  • Skip or cast votes

  • Report dead bodies or blame murders

  • Murder any player as yourself or as another impostor

  • Complete any player's tasks

  • Copy any player's outfit


This category contains features that affect the lobby settings. For example, you can:

  • Force being an impostor (host only)

  • Change the impostor count (host only)

  • Select who the impostors are (host only)

  • Attach the lobby in front or behind you

  • Teleport all players to you or to another player

  • Freeze all players' positions

  • Murder all crewmates or impostors

  • Teleport all players to the lobby or to another player

  • Change the map (host only)

  • Change the game mode (host only)

  • Start the game (host only)

How to Download and Install Among Us Impostor Mod Menu?

If you want to try out the mod menu, you will need to download and install it on your Android device. Here are the requirements and steps to do so:

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