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Country Flags Download: Access All 254 National Flags with One Click

Country flags available to free download in a single package or for embed via our free and fast CDN (Content Delivery Network) service.You are free to use them in your news magazines, websites, software, mobile apps and master's thesis.

The plugin will show your visitors their country flag, based on their IP Address. You can add it as a widget to your sidebar, using a shortcode in your post or pages or directly in your template trough template tags.

country flags download


If you need to load multiple country flags, you can also use the image sprite available in the All Sizes download link below to help you do so. You can read this tutorial to learn how to use the image sprite.

List of country flag emojis. ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? Emoji flags are supported on all major platforms except Windows, which displays two-letter country codes instead of emoji flag images.

In this blog post, I will guide you on how to add country flags to a bar chart in Tableau. Bar charts are a powerful visualization tool, and by adding country flags, we can enhance the visual appeal of our charts while also providing important context to the data. So, let's get started!

Here, I am using a dataset describing the potato production by country and I want to identify the biggest potato producers. To do so, I built a bar chart by dragging the sum of potato production field on columns and the country field on rows.

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I also exported this to my computer so if my Glide table deleted by mistake I can import that! I have imported this to a new spreadsheet too and you can access it here and then you can also download this as a CSV ( File table > Download section > Comma-separated values ( csv ) ) and import it or connect that sheet with Glide!

available in multiple languages, in CSV, JSON, PHP, SQL and XML formats, with associated alpha-2, alpha-3, and numeric codes as defined by the ISO 3166 standard, and with national flags included; also available are the ISO 3166-2 codes used for identifying the principal subdivisions (e.g., provinces or states) of all countries coded in ISO 3166-1

Constantly updated lists of world countries, territories and areas of geographical interest, with associated alpha-2, alpha-3 and numeric codes as defined by the ISO 3166-1 standard, published and maintained by the International Organization for Standardization, available in CSV, JSON, PHP, SQL and XML formats, in multiple languages and with national flags included. Also available are the ISO 3166-2 codes used for identifying the principal subdivisions (e.g., provinces or states) of all countries coded in ISO 3166-1.

The first part is the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code of the country; The second part is a string of up to three alphanumeric characters, which is usually obtained from national sources and stems from coding systems already in use in the country concerned, but may also be developed by the ISO itself. Each complete ISO 3166-2 code can then be used to uniquely identify a country subdivision in a global context.

The library provides national flags of each country as a 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 64x64 and 128x128 PNG images. The image files are named using the ISO 3166-1-alpha-2 code of the country they represent, for easily pairing flags with countries.

To download the entire package containing all the world countries in all the 34 languages, in all the available formats (CSV, JSON, PHP, SQL and XML), with flags included, and with the ISO 3166-2 list of administrative divisions and dependent territories of all countries, use the big Download button at the top.

These high quality, editable powerpoint country flags have been carefully created by our professional team to display location and other geographic details in your PowerPoint presentation. Each flag is vector based and is 100% editable in powerpoint. Each and every property of any region - color, size, shading etc can be modified to help you build an effective powerpoint presentation. Use these flags to show sales territories, business and new office locations, travel planning etc in your presentations. Any text can be entered at any point in the powerpoint flag slide. Simply DOWNLOAD, TYPE and PRESENT!

The United States flag flies at half-staff or at half-mast when the nation or a state is in mourning. The president, a state governor, or the mayor of the District of Columbia can order flags to fly at half-staff. Most often, it marks:

In heraldry each colour has its own specific meaning. Thus, a blue-sky colour symbolizes honesty, fidelity and integrity. Moreover, the blue-sky colour has a deep symbolic meaning in Turkic culture. The ancient Turkic peoples always worship the Sky as their God, and their blue-sky banner symbolized devotion to Father Ancestor. The blue colour of the State Flag of Kazakhstan means pure sky, peace and prosperity, and self-colour of the background represents the unity of our country.

According to the heraldic principles the sun symbolizes wealth and abundance, life and energy. That is why the sun rays on the flag have the form of grain, a symbol of wealth and welfare. By representing the sun at its state attributes Kazakhstan reaffirms its commitment to universal values, which also indicates that the new young country is full of life-affirming energy and is open to all countries for cooperation.

The image of the steppe eagle is one of the main heraldic attributes which is used on coat of arms and flags of various peoples for centuries. This image is commonly considered as a symbol of power, insight and generosity. A soaring steppe eagle represents by itself a power of the state, its sovereignty and independence, aspiration to high goals and sustainable future. The image of the steppe eagle on the world outlook of Eurasian nomads has a special place and is associated with such notions as freedom and fidelity, sense of dignity and courage, strength and purity of thoughts. The symbolically rendered silhouette of the golden steppe eagle reflects aspiration of the young sovereign state to the heights of world civilization.

Another important element of the State Flag is a vertical band with the national ornamental patterns. This Kazakh ornament is one of the forms of specific artistic perception of world in strict accordance with aesthetic styles of the people. Representing a harmony of various forms and lines, it is also an expressive means of discovery of the inner world of the people. The national ornament along the flagstaff represents the art and cultural traditions of the people of Kazakhstan.

Of course, you can use the individual country shapes for any purpose you like. The best way to do that is to get the master shapes out of the Document Stencil, then copy them to your own stencil, or add them to Favorites.

I have a code very similar to the Uber clone app to show a country picker form. I understand that the flags are taken from flagResource ="/flags.res");, from the Codename One SMS Library

After I did all that I thought about using the unicode emojii flags which would be a huge boon as it would also remove the need for images but that wouldn't work in the simulator properly as it doesn't render emojii. It might be interesting to try and enhance the code with support for emojii on devices where it's supported but you will need to actually do the legwork of going through almost 200 countries and finding their flag unicode value... There are some lists but adapting them is a pain.

The first list with 248 country codes is probabily the one to be used. Note that 248 country codes were used also by Whatsapp (in the 2016), it's an hint of the right direction: -has-248-flags-in-its-symbols-keyboard-in-its-latest-update-But-there-are-nearly-190-200-countries-on-earth-What-is-it-that-I-am-missing

However the current version of Whatsapp has 258 flags (I counted them extracting them from its apk). However, even if I suppose that the flags cannot fall within anyone's intellectual property, I think that it's safer to use flags from an open source repository, like the following one.

In the Codename One Designer, create a new file 248flags.res and import all the PNG flags generated at the Step 2 ( ) with "Images" -> "Quick Add Multiimages", selecting "4K" as source resolution. Wait for a while, it can be a long task...

About the build size, the original flag.res of SMSActivation.cn1lib has a size of 411 kbyte (it's located in lib/impl/cls/flags.res), while my 248flags.res has a size of 2596 kbyte... but the original flag.res uses normal images of about 100x50 pixels, instead I used multiimages that better adapt on different densities.

Hey, I was working on a project recently and used your post to implement flags into the project. Unfortunately, half way through the project went down. Because of this, I decided to make my own API, The API allows you to get a country by it's two letter code (ISO Alpha-2 code), along with the country's name, it's three letter code (ISO Alpha-3 code), or UN code. Thanks for the post Nirazan, and hopefully this API can help anyone that's run into trouble with being down.

OFLC annually issues a report presenting employment-based cumulative immigration program data and analysis based on applications submitted to the Department by employers across the country. The OFLC annual reports include information about the labor certification and labor attestation programs that are administered by OFLC including the temporary, H-1B, H-1B1 (Chile/Singapore), E-3 (Australia), H-2A, H-2B, and D-1 visa categories which enable employers to hire temporary foreign workers, as well as the permanent labor certification program which enables employers to secure permanent residence for foreign workers.

We also have a product, the Country Codes Collection, which you can preview free of charge on the OBP (where you will also find a decoding table). It contains the codes from Parts 1, 2 and 3 of ISO 3166 in three different formats (.xml, .csv, and .xls) for easy integration into your own systems. You will be notified when changes are made so you can download the latest versions. In this way, you can be sure that your database is always using the most up-to-date information from ISO.


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