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Green Hat Gin Buy Online _TOP_

Even though the distillery just hit its first year anniversary, it's already making its mark on the city's cocktail scene. From 14th Street to H Street to Maryland, Green Hat Gin is appearing on many cocktail menus, and is even on tap (within cocktails) in a few spots. To talk about the spirit behind New Columbia Distillers' spirits, Michael Lowe, co-owner and distiller, and Saul Mutchnick, the man of many (not just green) hats, sat down for a few shots of gin and a well-mixed cocktail.

green hat gin buy online

Green Hat Distillery pays tribute to this Capitol Hill icon with four premium gin varieties. Tours can be booked online for an inside look at the Ivy City location or visit the Green Hat Bar and Gin Garden for creative gin cocktails on Saturday and Sunday.

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Sounds like a fun idea for a backyard gathering. I like to make my Bloody Marys at home using the method from Duarte's Tavern in Pescadero.Pour vodka over ice cubes in a rocks glass. Add a dash of horseradish, Worcestershire sauce, and Crystal hot sauce. Pour in the tomato juice mixture along with a squeeze of fresh lime juice. Stir gently and then garnish with a dash of celery salt, cracked pepper and a pickled green bean.

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As a Fulbright Scholar she globe-trotted in the antipodes. She often spoke of her time in New Zealand with particular passion and sometimes misty eyes. We wondered about paths not taken, as she never married. Meg eventually came to the USA on a green card and, true to upper-English form, never became a citizen. She brought with her from England a brand new MGB sports car under the impression, that many English have, that America is too backward to have nice things. The MG gave her a great deal of pleasure over many years but by the time we knew her it was rusting away under a tarpaulin in her back yard. 041b061a72


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